PMC Organometallix

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PMC Organometallix develops a full range of highly specialized stabilizers, tin compounds, catalysts and reagents in our state-of-the-art 400-acre complex near Carrollton, KY.

Our FASCAT® catalysts, ADVASTAB® stabilizers and Thermolite® stabilizers are among the most-utilized chemistries available. And our pilot plant, staffed with experienced chemists and lab technicians, is equipped with the latest technology.

FASCAT® Catalysts

FASCAT® catalysts are highly selective for esterifications, transesterifications and urethane and siloxane condensations. Especially useful in coatings production and e-coat curing, they lower production costs through increased reaction rates, lower reaction temperatures, and simplified overall processing. Learn More

Fine Chemicals

Our organophosphines are used in applications such as ligands for homogeneous catalysis, phase transfer catalysis, intermediate syntheses, vulcanizing agents, metal extractants, and flame retardants. We also produce several Grignard reagents for sale worldwide. Learn More

Organotin Stabilizers

We offer a complete range of tin stabilizers including: methyltin mercaptans for both food and construction, butyltin mercaptan for construction applications and octyltin mercaptan primarily for food applications. Learn More