The Fine Chemicals Group of PMC Organometallix produces many high purity organometallic and organic reagents. We practice a diverse array of chemistries including Grignard reagent synthesis, organophosphorous chemistry and aryl derivatives of metals such as antimony and tin. With several reactor systems dedicated to this business unit we can custom synthesize unique products to meet our customers’ specific needs. The portfolio of products products consists of but is not limited to:

Organomagnesium Grignard Reagents are magnesium derived organometallic reagents that find application in the synthesis of intermediates, heterogeneous catalyst supports, general bases, polymers, pharmaceuticals, etc.

PMC Organometallix offers the following organomagnesium Grignard reagents:

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Organophosphines are high use in applications such as ligands for homogeneous catalysis, phase transfer catalysis, intermediate syntheses, vulcanizing agents, metal extractants, and flame retardants.

PMC Organometallix offers the following organophosphines:

  • DCHPP Dicyclohexylphenylphosphine
  • TCHP-Tricyclohexylphosphine
  • TPP-Triphenylphosphine
  • TPPO-Triphenylphosphine Oxide

Organotin Reagents are Tin (II) and Tin (IV) compounds that find widespread application in areas such as esterification, tranesterification, polycondensation, polymer curing and crosslinking, and thermal stabilizers for melt compounding.

PMC Organometallix offers the following organotin reagents:

Other Main Group Element Products are catalysts based on Main Group Elements such as Bismuth and Antimony for curing applications.

PMC Organometallix offers the following other main group element products:

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