Adhesives & sealants rely on FASCAT® catalysts to enhance curing properties. Both polyurethane and silicone-based chemistries are common applications in both 2K and 1K systems.

A wide range of products is available. The following guidance can be used, but please ask our experts for more information on selectivity with your formulation:

FASCAT® 2003 = Fastest
FASCAT® 4200 = Fast
FASCAT® 4202 = Medium
FASCAT® 4208X = Medium
FASCAT® 4224 = Slow

FASCAT® 2003 = Shortest Open Time
FASCAT® 4200 = Short Open Time
FASCAT® 4202 = Medium Open Time
FASCAT® 4208X = Medium Open Time
FASCAT® 4224 = Longest Open Time